Pilates Schedule & Fee


New Year Promotion.
-    Rehab 8 Classes  : 20,000 Baht
-    Private 8 Classes : 16,000 Baht
-    Mat  8 Classes  : 3,200 Baht
-    Lunch Mat 10 Classes : 2,500 Baht
-    Lunch Reformer 10 Classes  : 4,500 Baht 
To be used in December 2019 and January 2020 Only.

Pilates Workshop

Ory will be back

for a day of workshops!!

Introduction to Anatomy

8 Hours Course

Pilates Apparatus

International Certificate Course

Pilates Apparatus II

International Certification Course

Pilates Mat I

International Certification Course

Pilates Mat II

International Certification Course


Sharon Thwaites

Pilates is the only exercise program that I have ever done which I actually look forward to and miss when I can't make it to a session - in fact the only problem with Pilates is that it is totally addictive. After three months of fairly regular Pilates sessions, I feel stronger and more flexible, exercises that seemed impossible when I started are suddenly do-able: although Or-Yah never lets us get complacent as there is always a way to make an exercise just that little bit more challenging. As teacher, Or-Yah manages to combine the discipline of a drill sergeant with a sensitive awareness of what the student can manage. You don't get away with much but you thank her for it afterwards.

Angelina Gozali

I am glad that I have come to Pilatestudio as I feel it is the best place to study Pilates. Or-Yah has a rare quality as a teacher. She is not only has a solid knowledge of the course material, her willingness to share information and valuable experiences made the course easier to understand. Teachers in the studio are also very helpful. I benefited a lot from their guidance

Barbara Manning

I admired your passion and expertise in Pilates and for all the knowledge and teaching skills that you have been able to share with us. I am amazed how different by body feels and how my practice has improved and how I can do exercises so much better than before. The knowledge about all the muscles and course work was very interesting and I know so much more about my own body now. You are truly a great teacher. Thank you so much


Very worth taking the course, even I had to take my days off from my full-time job. Or-Yah is very professional. Friends are nice. My Pilates skill is real improved. The more I know about the Pilates basis and anatomy, the more I can apply my knowledge to many useful exercises. I am inspired to teach, to strengthen and to heal others, at least via my Pilates skills. Thanks Or-yah and my friends

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