Pilates Dharak Wudhichut

Dharak Wudhichut
I found Pilates Studio through the BAMBI magazine and joined the Mommy and Me classes in 2011. After having 2 children, I struggled with back pain and postpartum effects. I lost my strength and felt so weak when trying to connect to myself again. With knowledge and experience of practicing yoga, I could help myself to relieve tension and pain, but having a too flexible body didn’t give me strength. I took Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher training because I wish to deepen my knowledge and since the course was taught by Ory, who is a Pilates teacher and practitioner for over 10years, she equipped us with great benefits from both yoga and Pilates. During the course I observed and joined classes and felt that Pilates method really brought my core strength back within a short period of time. So it turned to be my passion that I decided to take the Pilates Mat Education Course with Ory. Over a year of regular practice on Pilates Mat, I now get myself back in shape and feel stronger like my 20’s again.