Pilates mat classes will include a full body workout which will provide core strength, flexibility, and balance moving toward better body awareness and better efficient movement.


Our classes will incorporate small equipments, yoga, Barre, and more.                                          


Pilates Plus: 60 MINS                        

Combining the muscle toning and core-firming benefits of Pilates with the stretching and balancing attributes of Yoga to create a powerful and well- balance workout that scrupt your total body.                                                               


Lunch Mat: 45 MINS             

A 45 minutes 'Lunch Mat Pilates' workout that tackles the single most problem millennial’s face, Office syndrome'. A stretching and toning program that addresses the problem area such as aching of the neck, tight shoulder, stiff back  and  tight hips, while strengthening the core and releasing stress in just one class.