The Reformer is the most widely known piece of Pilates equipment and is a very versatile one. It contains springs, pulleys, straps, and a sliding carriage. More than 100 different exercises were created on the reformer, and it meets wide range of needs, from rehabilitation needs to fitness goals. Most of the exercises are performed lying down, emphasizing body symmetry and abdominal control and establish postural alignment with powerhouse stability, strength and control.

The adjustable springs system in the Reformer as well as the Cadillac and the Wunda Chair allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. It is an amazingly-effective workout that is friendly to your body.

pilates reformer


The Cadillac was originally devised by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate bedridden patients back when he was working as a hospital orderly.

Over 80 different exercises can be performed on this piece of Pilates equipment, ranging from gentle spring-assisted sit ups to advanced acrobatics. Using springs and straps resistance; the Cadillac repertoire of exercises truly challenges the core abdominal muscles, develops spinal flexibility, works the shoulder girdle, strengthens the back and stretches the total body. It is very efficient for back and joint problems.

pilates cadilac

Wunda chair

The Wunda chair (in German ? ?Wonder?) is the first home fitness equipment. It is deceptively resembling a little stool, but the springs system at the bottom of the chair allow more than 75 wide-ranged exercise to take place. Don’t let the word?chair?fool you – it’s not necessarily a sit-down workout?

pilates wunda chair

High Barrel

The High Barrel has the correct dimensions for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises for variety of body types, from beginners to super advanced.

The main exercises focus on abdominal and back (both stretches and strengtheners), spinal extensions leg stretches. IT helps isolate deep postural muscles and challenges the body on all planes of movement.

pilates high barrel